It's All About the GLO

We want to see Medford light up with smiles.

A smile is so contagious

It’s so true! Have you ever noticed when one person smiles, at least two others do too? It’s actually what got us into this industry. We love to smile. It’s our favorite (Movie reference anyone??). Our goal is to envelop you into our positive vibes environment and see the magic of kindness go to work in every step of your treatment process.

Just know that here, you can always be yourself. You will always be welcomed and celebrated. We want to help you elevate your smile to that contagious level you always dreamed of. And despite all the cool technology we have, all the orthodontic science knowhow wrapped up in our brains, or even the super comfy modern office we’re in, none of that matters unless you’re here with us. We are here for you because you’ll always be number one in our book.

Why we could be a good fit for you

How out of place would you feel wearing shorts to a black tie party? Or driving someone else’s vehicle for two weeks? It’s important to us that you feel super comfortable and in just the right spot for your orthodontic treatment. That means knowing more about the doctor behind your smile, or how you’ll be treated every time you walk through the doors.

We can be a good fit for you if the following describes you:

  • You want to improve your or your child’s smile
  • You want to be in an environment of kindness and respect
  • Positive vibes sound good to you right about now
  • You love your community and support those who do too
  • One-size-fits-all is not necessarily your favorite
  • You dream that one day dinosaurs, unicorns and shooting stars could finally come together in an epic band to create the universe’s greatest love ballad of all time. Ok, maybe that’s just Dr. Baker’s dream. But wouldn’t it be amazing, though??

Braces + Invisalign = Big Smiles

Goodlife Orthodontics is a place for the young, less young and young-at-heart.

The Little Ones

We kickoff our orthodontic voyage with patients as young as the age of seven to evaluate their individual need (or lack of need) for treatment. Sometimes there are a few early-stage preventative things we can do to make treatment in the teenage years quicker and less moodier.

We offer braces with fun colors, expanders to broaden their malleable jaws for proper facial growth, and other forms of treatment that will prepare them for easier teenage smile work.

The Teenage Ones

Braces seem to be a right of passage for many people in their teens. While this may be true, we tend to look at this more sensitively because it is such an important time of physical and psychological growth. We take special care and go through great lengths to ensure each teenager feels comfortable and included.

We offer metal braces with fun colors, less noticeable clear braces with or without fun colors and even clear aligners which makes treatment appear…well, disappear really.

The Young-at-Heart

There is no better time than now to improve on your smile – regardless of the phase of life you are in! Orthodontic treatment has become much more commonplace for adults. Whether you’re getting married, looking to grow in your career, or simply want to make your smile as perfect as it can be, we would love to see you GLO wherever you go.

For adults, we offer less noticeable clear braces and clear aligners. These two treatment options quietly draw attention to the aesthetic of your smile rather than the treatment. Some adults still want traditional braces, and to any brave souls among you who do, we’ve got your teeth covered.

Come see us and see what’s possible

We would love to sit down with you and see how we can make your or your child’s smile come to life the way you imagined. Please fill out the form below and we’ll respond with potential appointment times very quickly.